Association of
Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

Hawaiian Civic Club of Hilo

Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka ʻĀina I Ka Pono   |   The Life Of The Land Is Perpetuated In Righteousness


Dr. Noe Noe Wong-Wilson


2106 Kaiwiki Road, Hilo, HI  96720

Hope Pelekikena ‘Ekahi:

Gertrude Kamakaopiopiowiwoole Mahi Gunderson

Organized | Chartered:

July 1929   |   April 1959

Pelekikena Iho Nei:

Toni Keahiolalo Mallow

Club Pua:

Panaewa Maile

Pu'uku: Martha McNicoll Club Colors: Ilima Gold & Red

Kakau Mo‘olelo:

Napua Burke

Club Mele:

Hawaiʻi Aloha

Ho‘opa‘a Mo‘olelo: Martha McNicoll HCC Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Na Alaka'i:

Christopher Agpoon, Carmelita Dutchie Saffery, Dr. David Sing and Kini Burke




Gertrude Kamakaopiopiowiwoole Mahi Gunderson


Alaka'i Mele:

 Gertrude Kamakaopiopiowiwoole Mahi Gunderson



2018 Club Report
Information Submitted By:  Noe Noe Wong-Wilson, Pelekikena

Hawaiian Civic Club of Hilo engaged in a series of ʻOlelo Hawaiʻi lessons, taught by member, Dr. Kū Kahakalau. Members learned and practiced ways of introducing ourselves, identifying our birthplace, current home, rivers, valleys, seas, villages and communities and reciting our moʻokūʻauhau in a very simple format. Several members of the club volunteered in key positions for the recent Ka ʻAha Hula ʻO Hālauaola World Hula Conference which was held in June in Hilo. Host to over 1,000 participants from Hawaiʻi, the U.S. Continent and several countries around the world, this was a 10-day event which provided workshops, seminars, huakaʻi and performances for attendees and the island community. Members also engaged in fund-raising activities during the Hula Conference and are currently seeking applicants for an educational scholarship which will be awarded to a student attending Hawaiʻi Community College or University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo in Spring 2019.

The club members continue to work closely with the Hilo and Hawaiʻi Island community to foster civic engagement and open and respectful discussion on the myriad of political and community issues that affect our island.