Association of
Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI


Waimea Hawaiian Civic Club

Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono |  The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness


Willette Akima-Akau


P.O. Box 6305, Kamuela, Hawai’i  96743

Hope Pelekikena ‘Ekahi:

E. Kalani Flores

Organized | Chartered:

December 3, 1949   |   April 18, 1959

Hope Pelekikena ‘Elua:

M. Kanani Kapuniai

Club Pua:

Ohi`a Lehua Ulaula   


Chelsey K. Dickson

Club Colors:

Red, Black, White, and Fuchsia

Kakau ‘Olelo:

Edith Kawai

Club Mele:

Hole Waimea

Kakau Moʻolelo:

Edith Kawai

HCC Email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo:

Dot Uchima



E. Kalani Flores

Number of Educational Scholarships

Awarded in 2017:  2


Raymond Carson-Davis

Alakaʻi Mele:

M. Kanani Kapuniai


Nā Alakaʻi:

Dot Uchima, Ray Carson-Davis, Lahela Jarrett-Holmwood, Edith Kawai


Information submitted by:

Edith Kawai


2017 Club Report

• Supported resolution to Reduce Minimum Hawaiian Blood Quantum Requirement for Successors from One-Quarter to One-Thirty-Second throughout the legislative session to passage into law.

• Waimea Education Hui weekly talk story on traditional place names regarding traditional food and voyaging histories.

• Support for Hokule`a’s return home with send-off party for Kaiulani Murphy, Pomai Bertelmann and Pua Lincoln as they leave to bring Hokule`a home.

• Support of the Makali`i double-hulled Wa`a in its two-year renovation, training programs and re-launch in June 2017.

• Preparation for and participation in Hokule`a’s Home-Coming helping with food service for crews landing at Kawaihae Harbor.

• Participation in youth education summit as facilitators of the legislative session, educating youth on creating change through the legislative process, Kuikalono, February 20, 2017, held at the Kanu O Ka Aina New Century Charter School.

• The club awarded education scholarship funds to Punana Leo O Waimea to assist families unable to afford tuition and also to Kanu O Ka Aina Charter School graduates to assist with college expenses.

• Participated in a lei-making effort for Kamehameha Day in North Kohala.

• The club held a huge estate sale for its annual scholarship fundraising event on 7/12 and 9/9.

• Continued participation in the Puu Kohola Heiau Annual Cultural Festival.

• Nominated M. Kanani Kapuniai for Convention awards.

• Club resolutions this year are as follows: (1) Urging the Hawaiian Homes Commission to expedite the procedure stated in 43 CFR 48.15 to prepare Act 80, the Hawaii Act that will amend the Hawaiian Home Lands Act to reduce the 25% blood quantum for a successor of a Hawaiian Home Lands lessee to 1/32, and (2) urging the State to enact a law ensuring that all public school students have equal access to appropriate educational facilities and food service