Association of
Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

1736 N 73rd CT., Elmwood Park IL 60607
Date Organized: May 30, 2012
Date Chartered by AHCC: July 21, 2012
Club Pua: Pua Kenikeni
Club Colors: Red & Yellow
Club Mele: Ku‘u Home o keaukaha
Club Motto (Hawaiian): E Ilau Ka hana, A Paipai Kekahi I Kekahi
Club Motto (English): Let Us Work Together, Encourage One
Another and Pool Our Strengths.

Club Officers:
Pelekikena: Tina Marie Momilani Eggert
Hope Pelekikena ‘Ekahi: John A. Gleason
Pu‘uku: Ira V. Gleason

Po‘e kokua (Staff):

Kakau Mo‘olelo (Rec. Sec.): Scott D. Gleason
Sergeant-at-Arms: Patrick M. Gleason

Na Alaka‘i (Directors)
David G. Gleason, Micah B. Gleason

Club Contact:
Phone: 708-714-4853
Email: kuhinanui at


Purpose and Objectives

To actively participate in the promotion, perpetuation and practice of the Native Hawaiian culture and values.
To initiate and to advocate for positions endorsed by the membership of this club and the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs at its annual convention, or as approved by the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs’ (AHCC) Board of Directors.

To promote the theory and practice of the principles of good government and good citizenship, guided by Native Hawaiian values.

To take an active interest in the health, civic, economic, social, and moral welfare of our community and the activities of those agencies and organizations who are responsible for the improvement of the conditions of the people indigenous to Hawai‘i.

To provide a forum for our members to fully and freely discuss matters of public interest.

To assist in the education of the descendants of the indigenous people of Hawai‘i.

To support programs of benefit to persons of Hawaiian ancestry and to the community at large, by promoting charitable and educational endeavors to actively encourage and financially assist them in furthering their education.

To embrace the Hawaiian cultural principles and core values of malama – to care for our members, especially for our kupuna; olakino maika‘i – to live healthy; ho‘ihi – To respect the views of all; kuleana – to take responsibility; ‘ike – to seek knowledge; na‘au pono – to nurture a deep sense of justice as we seek to uplift the conditions of Native Hawaiians; laulima – to work in harmony for many hands make the work easier; and aloha – to extend the love to our people and all people who embrace the culture of the Hawaiian islands.

To encourage the studying of our mo‘okū‘auhau (genealogy).

To preserve and cherish all sources and records of the ancient traditions, mele ‘oli, himeni a me ka hula o Hawai‘i, traditional and historic sites of Hawai'i nei, and to actively encourage the teaching, learning, preservation, perpetuation and use of 'olelo makuahine (our mother tongue) the Hawaiian language.

To protect the endemic and indigenous flora and fauna of Hawai‘i nei.

To actively assert and defend the cultural and intellectual property rights of the Native Hawaiian peoples.

To unite our members in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship, and mutual understanding.