Association of
Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

PO Box 149, Waialua, Hawaii 96791

Date Organized: June 7, 2012
 Date Chartered by AHCC: October 17, 2012
 Club Pua: Lehua Mamo
 Club Colors: Yellow
 Club Mele: Hawaii Aloha
 Club Motto (Hawaiian):  Malama I na mele
 Club Motto (English):  Enlightenment from the music

 Club Officers:
 Pelekikena: Lanet Abrigo
 Hope Pelekikena `Ekahi: Stan Combis
Pu`uku: Erwin Domingo
Kakau Mo`olelo: Michele Moore

Mālama Mele O Hawai’i Hawaiian Civic Club

As stewards of Hawaiian culture, members of this civic club seek to promote Hawaiian values and traditions by perpetuating Hawaiian music and civic engagement.  Mālama Mele means "to care for the music/songs", therefore, the club members are essentially caretakers of Hawaiian culture and music and work in the community to perpetuate Hawaiian culture and music for future generations.  Mālamālama i ka mele would mean "enlightenment from the music"; the shortened version of Mālama Mele would mean the same.  The allusion is that as we seek to perpetuate nā mele Hawai'i, we also learn from them, we are enlightened, since mele documents our history and provides insight into cultural protocols and traditions.
Mālama Mele O Hawai’i Hawaiian Civic Club was chartered by Native Hawaiians that are from a number of islands throughout the state of Hawaiʻi, and beyond.  Mālama Mele O Hawai'i envisions its Civic Club to help Hawaiian musicians in the perpetuation of their music and culture through support of specific projects that inspire and uplift their music.  Of special interest to Mālama Mele O Hawai'i are projects that include and encourage generations to actively participate in events so as to create a "spark" that will eventually become the fire that feeds the heart of Hawaiian musicians and ultimately the broader community.
Mālama Mele O Hawai’i Hawaiian Civic Club will be chartered on O'ahu, but will support projects that perpetuate Hawaiian music and its musicians worldwide, and will work to support the goals of civic engagement of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs.
Me Ke Aloha Pumehana,
Lanet (Pelekikena Malama Mele O Hawai'i HCC)