Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

Administrative Committees

Nā Komike Alaka‘i Kuleana

(Administrative Committees)

Kōmike Pilina Kaiāulu

(Community Relations)

Tamar Hoapili

Affiliation: Hawaiian Civic Club of Las Vegas

Operates the public relations, membership retention and recruitment and inter-club communication programs.

Kōmike Ho`onoho Hālāwai

(Conventions and Meetings)

lAkima smLorna Akima

Affiliation: Hui Hawai`i o Tenesi
Waimea Hawaiian Civic Club

Directs facilities acquisitions, activities coordination and attendee and delegate registration for the annual convention and other meetings and events.

Kōmike Mo`ohelu Kālā


Paul RsmPaul Richards

Affiliation: Hawaiian Civic Club of Waimanalo

Manages the budget and finance and ways and means functions

Kōmike Pilina Aupuni

(Government Relations)

Jalna2Jalna Keala

Affiliation: Waikiki Hawaiian Civic Club

Acts as a legislative reference bureau and coordinates all lobbying activities.

Kōmike ‘Enehana

(Information Technology)

Kaipo Granito

Affiliation: Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club

Administers the information technology program.

Kōmike Ho`okele

(Policy and Planning)

Dre Kalili 

Affiliation: Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club

Oversees constitution and by-laws and policies review and amendment and directs long-range planning.

Kōmike Ho'o Mohala Ho'o Lala

(Membership Development)

toni2picsmAntoinette "Toni" Lee

Affiliation: Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club

Manages the Association's programs to advise and, at the request of a club, kokua that club in its efforts to recruit new members and retain existing members.