Association of
Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

89-081 Kihonua Pl, Waianae HI 96792
Date Organized: May 12, 1948
Date Chartered: April 16, 1964
Pua: Kalaunu Kai‘ina (Lavender Crown Pua)
Mele: Nanaikapono, Kalaunu O Ku‘u Pu‘uwai
Makia: Look To Righteousness

Pelekikena: Dolly Naiwi
Hope Pelekikena:
Pu‘uku: April Ku‘uipo Julius
Kākau ‘Ōlelo Ho‘opa‘a: Jaycine Hicks
Kākau ‘Ōlelo Holoholo Palapala: Tercia La‘amaikahiki Ku
Kahu: Mileka Kawaionae Kanahele
Nohona Hawai‘i: Alexis Ipo Maunakea/‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i, Kumu Nalani Kiaha, Mele/‘Oli, Velma Papahialoha Kekipi, Na Mea Hawai‘i
Nohona Hawai‘i:
Na Alaka‘i: June Leilani Nasau, Roland Ulumoku Lee, Barbara Jean Keliikipi, Doreen Tasha Hobdy

Our 45 members voted to change our monthly meetings to quarterly beginning October 1, 2009. We continue to meet at Alu Like, Nanakuli. Board meets at 5:30p.m.; General membership at 7:00p.m. This year, the scholarship committee granted three scholarships for the Christine Kunukau award. Members also volunteered to assist with one day’s meal for visiting Maori Exchange students at Our Lady of Keaau with the Youth of St. Rita Catholic Church in Nanakuli. Velma Kekipi conducted a Beginner’s Lauhala Workshop at ‘Opelu Project for 15-20 makua and ‘opio of Kumu Tsuda’s halau from Nanakuli Elementary School.

We are preparing a quilt workshop in September for Ho’ike’ike o Wai’anae at the Makaha Resort. Mapuana Tector will be the kumu providing lessons for a quilt potholder or a quilt pillow. There will be other quilts on display by the Makaha Quilters and a special wood panel display of Queen Lili’uokalani’s Patchwork Quilt. An accompanying book, “The Queen’s Quilt,” is currently on sale now and at the workshop.

Nanaikapono Hawaiian Civic Club presented an award of $100 each to the “Winning Coach” of the Juniors and Sophomores of Nanakuli High School’s SongFest as they both tied for the award. Kumu Christine Badis and her Hawaiian Language class presented a skit in ‘Ōlelo Hawai’i about the legend of Maui during intermission. It was a sweet silent victory to see the ‘opio perform in a ho’ike after Hawaiian Language was reinstated there about three years ago.

We continue to meet with Wai’anae Hawaiian Civic Club for the ahupua’a signage grant project. Members participated in Community events and meetings, namely Open House and the Performing Arts Academy at Nanakuli High School, Kahua (new teachers orientation), Nanakuli-Maili Neighborhood Board, PTSA, Kula Kaiapuni o Nanakuli, Prince Kūhiō Celebration at the homeless shelter Ulu Ke Kui with the three other Civic Clubs in the Wai’anae moku and many others.