Association of
Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

Hui Hawai'i O Utah Hawaiian Civic Club

Ka ‘Uhane ‘O Iesu E Ho‘A Mai A Maui Loa  |  The Spirit Of Christ That Is Lit To Burn Forever


Tina Cabiles-Carden


P.O. Box 711912, Salt Lake City, UT  84171

Hope Pelekikena ‘Ekahi:

Charlene Lui

Date Organized:

November 1985

Pelekikena Iho Nei:

Pomaikaʻi Gaui

Date Chartered by AHCC:

November 1986


Barbara Fuller

Club Pua:


Na Alaka’i:

David Carden and Garin Richards

Club Colors:

Teal and White

Information submitted by:

Tina Cabiles-Carden

Club Mele:

Kuu Hoa


HCC Email:

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HCC Website:


Number of Educational Scholarships

Awarded in 2018:  1


2018 Club Report


2018 has been tremendous for us. We have formed partnerships with 3 new community organizations, the Indian Walk In Center, the Ronald McDonald House in SLC, and the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge. We are also entering into talks with the Utam Museum of Contemporary Art to form a advisory council for Pacific Islanders. Itʻs been a fulfilling year so far.

In our club, weʻve created our Huliau Series, the purpose of which is to reintroduce traditional practices and knowledge systems to our people outside of ka pae ʻāina, emphasizing how these can and should be implemented here in Utah, and on the continent and elsewhere. Itʻs been extremely well received, and watching understanding and what weʻve termed “Hiʻiaka Moments” happen right in front of our eyes has been the biggest measurement of success for us. We look forward to continuing the series in the winter months.

We have also created what is intended to be yearly events, a Kūpuna Luncheon, a Pō Mākua, and Lā ʻOhana. These were created so we can make sure we mālama our relationships with each generation and continue to seek out ways to meet the needs of our community. We are humbled to serve and excited to bring this to our community.

Mahalo nui,

Tina Cabiles-Carden

Pelekikena, Hui Hawai'i O Utah Hawaiian Civic Club